2wentys Holidays

2wentys holidays

2wentys holidays take you to the hottest destinations in clubland and guarantee a week or two you’ll be talking about long after your T-shirt tan’s faded.
2wentys Holidays with Thomson

2wentys hotels in Bulgaria

Hotel Palazzo, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria


2wentys hotels in Corfu

Chandris Apartments, Kavos, Corfu

Ekati, Kavos, Corfu

Odysseus, Kavos, Corfu


2wentys hotels in Crete

Elkomi, Malia, Crete

ICandy Fanourakis Apartments, Malia, Crete

Ilios Malia, Malia, Crete

Hotel Malia Dedalos, Malia, Crete

Mistral, Malia, Crete

Oasis Apartments, Malia, Crete

Vergina, Malia, Crete


2wentys hotels in Cyprus

Senator, Aiya Napa, Cyprus


2wentys hotels in Ibiza

Excelsior, San Antonio, Ibiza

Mar Y Vent, San Antonio, Ibiza

Marian, San Antonio, Ibiza

Poniente, San Antonio, Ibiza

2wentys Max Ibiza, San Antonio, Ibiza


2wentys hotels in Kos

Angelina Studios, Kardamena, Kos

Elga Aparthotel, Kardamena, Kos

Harriets Apartments, Kardamena, Kos


2wentys hotels in Majorca

Aparthotel Fiesta Sahara, Magaluf, Majorca

Lively Magaluf, Magaluf, Majorca

Lively Mallorca, Palma Nova, Majorca

TRH Palma Nova, Palma Nova, Majorca


2wentys hotels in Rhodes

Iatridis Studios, Faliraki, Rhodes

Mike’s House, Faliraki, Rhodes

Stamos Hotel, Faliraki, Rhodes


2wentys hotels in Tenerife

Udalla Park, Playa de las Americas, Tenerife


2wentys hotels in Zante

Blue Bell, Laganas, Zante

Dados Complex, Laganas, Zante

Dados Complex Annex, Laganas, Zante

Ionis Art Hotel, Laganas, Zante

Hotel Laganas, Laganas, Zante

President Apartments, Laganas, Zante

2wentys Holidays with Thomson

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