Sensatori by TUI

With the Sensatori by TUI portfolio now at 6 hotels and counting, choosing the right one can be tricky. So to help make the decision-making process a little easier, we’ve picked out each property’s pièce de résistance…

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TUI Sensatori Mexico

If you’ve got any sense you’ll turn up hungry to Sensatori Resort Mexico. The dining set-up is Gourmet Exclusive, which means top-drawer food and drink – and lots of it. There are 6 restaurants, including Le Chique, an adults-only venue whose Heston-style menu reads like a science experiment. Plus, you can order food to your room any time of the day or night (midnight feast, anyone?). Just give the scales a wide berth when you get home…

TUI Sensatori Jamaica

When it comes to making a name for itself, securing the right location is half the battle for a hotel. And Sensatori Resort Jamaica claims an easy victory on that front. The resort, is on the doorstep of the island’s Seven Mile Beach – a stretch of coast the Daily Telegraph has deemed one of the ten best in the world. The property itself is about to undergo a huge refurb to whip it into shape. The finer details are still being ironed out, but talking points will include a Gourmet Inclusive dining set-up (translation: you can stuff your face with restaurant-quality nosh 24/7, and have as many rounds of rum as you can stomach), and swim-up rooms whose inventories feature over-the-water daybeds. Keep checking this blog for the hotel’s progress.

TUI Sensatori Tenerife

Sensatori Resort Tenerife is the envy of its cousins in that it’s the only one with a coveted 5T+ rating. Fendi furniture, an enormous infinity pool, and a restaurant draped in Swarovski crystals might have something to do with it. Other luxe touches include a styled-to-the-nines Oriental eatery and bedrooms with more interior design ideas than a copy of Ideal Home. The icing on the cake is the exclusive Red Level zone. It’s an adults-only wing whose many perks include a pool framed by butler-serviced Bali beds, and an in-room toiletry stash courtesy of Clarins.

TUI Sensatori Crete

The spa at Sensatori Resort Crete is so big you could do with a sat-nav to find your way around. It’s got 24 treatments cabins, plus a pair of saunas and an indoor pool so tranquil you feel guilty for dipping a toe in. Epic proportions aside, the treatment menu has some real clout, too, including a chocolate massage with more pull than a lorry loud of Lindt. And if all that puts you on the path to a Zen-like new you, stay on track with an hour or two of zoga, pilates or tai chi.

TUI Sensatori Turkey

How’s this for a celeb endorsement? Hat designer extraordinaire, Philip Treacy, has turned his attentions to interior design. His latest project? The Butterfly Bar at Sensatori Resort Turkey. Treacy has taken inspiration from the, shall we say, unique, butterfly hat he once designed for Naomi Campbell, and the results are every bit as striking. Think abstract butterfly projections, cosy booths, and a fairy-lit ceiling that could be mistaken for a starry night sky. Now, whose round is it…?

TUI Sensatori Sharm El Sheikh

If you’re the kind of person whose holiday enjoyment is directly proportionate to the number of activities you can squeeze into a 2-week period, you can’t go wrong with Sensatori Resort Sharm El Sheikh. Its A to Z of things to do starts with Archery and ends with Zumba. But with the Red Sea at your feet, and a watersports and scuba diving centre on hand, you probably won’t spend much time with a bow and arrow in your hands…

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